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Interlegal`s philosophy is to develop through its network meaningful relationships among similarly minded internationally diverse commercial law firms. We provide our members with the facility to offer and support.

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Interlegal firms work in close cooperation across jurisdictions, enabling clients to benefit from the expertise and experience of a variety of lawyers specializing in different fields of law and in different jurisdictions.

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The origins of Interlegal began in 1984 with two French lawyers recognizing the need for some kind of Europe-wide legal network to meet the growing cross-border needs of their clients.

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For clients facing the challenges of international transactions, commerce or cross border disputes, Interlegal firms offer quality legal advice at competitive cost – we do not follow a recipe or a one-size fits all approach.


Interlegal collaborates with EuraAudit International, an international accountancy group which brings together over 150 well established independent accountancy firms.



Interlegal has a partnership agreement with FICAC, the World Federation of Consuls, which supports consuls in their work around the world.

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The Interlegal network continues to grow and welcomes new members. Please visit our Membership pages here to find out more about the benefits of membership and for details of how to apply. 

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