Case studies


Please find below a number of summaries of cases Interlegal firms have undertaken for clients.

Development of a production site in Germany for an international automotive group

An international group of companies of the automotive sector based in the United States planned the development and construction of its first production site in Germany. The specialists of the German and British Interlegal member firms advised the client regarding the land purchase and the necessary development agreements. During the construction phase the Interlegal firms advised the client on the development of the construction agreement and on negotiations with the executing contractor, as well as answering emerging issues during the construction phase. The result was a production-capable site constructed in short time to the satisfaction of the client.

Cross-border insolvencies

An insolvent Norwegian oil company had a subsidiary company in Angola. The insolvency administrator needed advice on the value and the procedure for liquidation of the Angolan subsidiary. Interlegal firms in Norway and Portugal established the framework arrangements in order to obtain, in a fast and thorough way, to provide the client with the procedures and data needed to make an informed and diligent decision on the subject.

Cross border insurance claim

Interlegal’s US east coast member assisted a U.S. based client with a potential claim, as a beneficiary, against an insurance company headquartered in Luxembourg. The US firm consulted with Interlegal’s Luxembourg member for advice.  While making a formal demand from the US might have been successful, the firms together decided that such a demand coming from a Luxembourg firm could be more effective.  The firms worked together on the demand letter and threatened litigation against the insurance company.  After sending the demand and conducting several months of negotiation the firms were able to obtain settlement of a substantial proportion of the claim from the insurance company for the client.

Setting up a wholly owned foreign enterprise in China

An Interlegal member in the Far East advised a Belgium company and its Taiwanese business partner on setting up a wholly owned foreign enterprise in Shanghai, craft manufacturing for automotive interiors. It negotiated a joint venture agreement with the Taiwanese company and advised the parties on the best tax structure in relation to Chinese corporate and tax law.
Negotiations also included a distribution agreement and licensing agreements to protect the client’s intellectual property rights.


Cross-border insolvencies

When a Spanish client found itself in the quagmires of European Insolvency Regulation, Interlegal, within a few days, put together a team of insolvency experts from member law firms, helping the Spanish client navigate the insolvency process in a number of jurisdictions.

European expansion for UK firm

When a UK internet and software company wished to enter the continental European market, it needed quick and reliable local legal counsel. Employment contracts needed to be drafted, trademark questions addressed, public law regulations and telecommunications regulations examined. Interlegal, through its Leeds member, coordinated a team of European advisors to offer the client fast, cost efficient and seamless local service.


Creating an overseas subsidiary

A US Company wished to create a European subsidiary; Interlegal, through its European
Members, in a few days compiled all relevant data for the US company, including tax and corporate law aspects. Coordinated through its Dortmund member, Interlegal offered the client a single point of contact for all their European needs.


Overseas trademark registration

A US company contacted the New York member of the Interlegal Network for information on European Trademark Law. The US company wished to effect a fast and efficient registration of their trademarks throughout Europe. Again, Interlegal was able to provide the services for the registration of the European trademark, as well as for individual steps in the member states of the European Union and other countries throughout Europe.


International debt recovery

A German company had delivered medical equipment worth about $1m to Iraq, paid for by the US government through a Dubai account that belonged to an Iraqi firm that compulsorily worked together with the German firm. The money from the account completely disappeared but was successfully retrieved by the Dutch Interlegal member after a legal procedure when it became clear from intense research that the director of the Iraqi firm had residence in the Netherlands.

Cross-border subsidiary and employment transfer

Interlegal members in Italy and Norway provided legal assistance to a Fortune 500 Norwegian Group to help establish an Italian IT subsidiary. The client, a major supplier of oil and gas products, and world’s third largest manufacturer of aluminum products, required the subsidiary to service other group subsidiaries and the transfer of some workforce. Professional services involved corporate law, tax advice and regulatory compliance, as well as negotiation among the concerned parties, including the workforce trades unions.