Legal Firms


The origins of Interlegal began in 1984 with two French lawyers recognizing the need for some kind of Europe-wide legal network to meet the growing cross-border needs of their clients.

Over the next five to six year’s careful research and negotiation between legal companies initially from France, Spain and Portugal, and then seven countries including England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, formed a network with a view to creating a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG). The network was formally established with law firm representation from the seven EU countries plus Belgium and Denmark and incorporated in 1989 as Eurojurist.

The network increased in size and achieved excellent legal service throughout Europe for clients ranging from small, privately held corporations to multinationals. Soon it was recognised that a wider global network was needed, as clients demanded help in overseas regions. In 1994, Eurojurist Network was formed, doing away with the membership restrictions regarding EEIG`s. In 1996, the name was changed to Interlegal to reflect this change in outlook and service of the network. Since then, the network has grown in size, adding members in the Americas, Asia, the Far East, Australia and the new EU member states and continues with its charted course of providing local excellence, wherever the clients’ business may take them.