Criminal Liability of Private Legal Entities - Argentina

Our friends at Vitolo in Argentina have produced a  document about recent news in their legal system concerning the criminal liability of private legal entities, subject to the recent Law 27,401 enacted by the Federal Congress on November 8, 2017.


The aforementioned law establishes the regime for criminal liability applicable to private legal entities, whether domestic or foreign, with or without government involvement, for the perpetration of certain and specific crimes (mainly related to corrupt business practices), in amendment of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.


Also, the law encourages the implementation of the so-called “Integrity Programs” for the detection of illegal acts forbidden by law. These Programs will be aimed at preventing illegal practices and, among other things, will allow a private legal entity to be exempted from the Law’s penalties, as well as to avoid being blacklisted from entering into agreements with the Federal government.


The document is attached and comprises synthetic information about what the referred law establishes.