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    *Membership applications are formally vetted at the General Assembly meetings which are held twice per year. Applicants are required to attend the General Assembly at which their application will be considered and to make a short presentation about their firm and reasons for wanting to join the network.

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    Originally established in Europe and now spread out on all continents, Interlegal is one of the world’s first law firm networks. It was created in response to increasing cross-border business, the globalisation of legal practices, and the emerging needs of clients have led us to expand across the globe.

    Why Choose Us

    Wide Range of Expertise

    We believe in a multidisciplinary approach. Our member firms possess vast expertise in a wide variety of fields, ensuring that we can successfully help clients with any matter that arises.

    Specialist groups

    Interlegal’s member firms are specialists in their fields. They have formed groups that regularly meet to exchange ideas and knowledge. Each group creates and presents workshops at Interlegal general assembly, blog articles, webinars. This allows our members to continuously learn more about fields as varied as Corporate Law, Management, International Arbitration, Litigation and Insolvency, IP/IT Law, Labour Law, and Tax Law, among others.

    Local Knowledge

    Our member firms have in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, but that’s not all. We also understand the importance of being culturally sensitive to different markets’ ways of doing business, and we have developed strong national expertise accordingly. All our member firms are skilled at helping clients navigate their regions’ distinct environments. When a client needs a reliable law firm to handle a legal business in single or multiple foreign jurisdictions, our member firms coordinate the tasks across borders. Each member firm thus contributes its localized experience, ensuring a global approach.

    Customized Services

    For clients facing the challenges of international transactions, commerce, or cross-border disputes, Interlegal firms offer quality legal advice at a competitive cost. We don’t follow a recipe or a one-size-fits-all approach. Each clients is offered unique services adapted to its situation. Sometimes, this means providing a client with peace of mind while we take over its legal business and coordinate the work between our member firms. However, when other clients prefer a hands-on approach and want to direct a project, we are more than happy to assist and provide counsel. We work with clients to develop flexible service models ranging from simple referrals to integrated teams. We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships and delivering good value through the services we provide. Our approach is clear: We listen carefully to the clients’ needs and we strive to understand each client’s business and work with clients, not just as a service provider but also as a strategic partner.


    Member firms work in close cooperation, enabling clients to benefit from the expertise and experience of lawyers specialized in different fields of law and jurisdictions. We have invested the resources necessary to build strong working relationships among excellent law firms. As a result, we communicate with each other regularly, often daily. We organize exchanges for interns and lawyers. Member firms also meet several times a year to share and exchange information, ideas, and resources required to properly advise clients in a complex global marketplace. This allows our member firms to constantly develop their expertise in new and growing markets.

    Powerful Resources

    Meetings & Conferences

    Interlegal member firms meet twice a year for some of the most professionally enriching experiences and to develop a global approach to their work and personal interactions. One can expect knowledge sharing of the latest trends, innovations, and business collaborations while staying fully independent and non-exclusive.

    Virtual Events

    Carefully constructed meetings, webinars, and workshops touching on varied topics from legal, skills training, marketing, and others in line with emerging trends and industry practices.

    Marketing Toolkits

    Professional firms must adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. Our strategies include focusing our efforts on the promotion of our member firms locally, nationally, and globally to build reputation and visibility.

    Specialized cases

    Due to the impeccable reputations of our member firms one is able to cater to clients intending to set up their businesses internationally, which enables them to share referrals within the network.

    Client Expansion

    With global exposure, one could expand their client base exponentially by networking with about 50 firms from various jurisdictions on the 5 continents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Legal Networks enable local law firms to interact with and tap into the wide resources of other law firms from various jurisdictions to share best business practices, local legal knowledge, and client references.

    Every area of life is enhanced by human interaction. When one has like-minded, globally driven and ambitious people coming together to work towards a common goal of growth both professionally and personally, many great achievements can be accomplished. Obviously, networking is essential for all professions, but it is critical for international business lawyers notably because each jurisdiction has its own laws and customs. . Sharing of knowledge, varied approaches and culture enable law firms to better cater to the realization of comprehensive solutions rather than a narrow vision. 

    It enables a law firm to build connections and develop relationships globally.

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