Compulsory vaccination in Quebec

Frédéric Letendre

YULEX, Attorneys and Strategists, LLP


The Quebec government recently adopted Decree 1276-2021 on compulsory vaccination targeting some categories of professionals.

This decree also applies to lawyers working in the following settings or having to travel there in order to offer their services to a client:

(1) an installation maintained by a health and social services establishment;

(2) an intermediate resource;

(3) a family-type resource;

(4) a private residence for seniors;

(5) a private practice: a) for a nurse; (b) nurse or nursing assistant; c) respiratory therapist; d) a doctor; e) pharmacist; f) midwife;

(6) a medical imaging laboratory;

(7) a room operated by an organization that has entered into an agreement under section 108 of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) for the provision of certain health and social services.

Learn more in the complete pdf. (in French only).

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