How We Work

Having to deal with the complexity of international transactions, commerce or cross border disputes, Interlegal firms offer quality legal advice at competitive cost – we do not follow a recipe or a one-size fits all approach. 


Clients are impressed that the cooperation within the network can be formed “tailor-made” to the client’s wishes.

If a client finds himself in need of a reliable individual to handle his legal business in a foreign jurisdiction, then Interlegal is the network to turn to. If a client prefers to go through one channel of communication, even though being implicated in a multi-cross-border-case and dealing with multiple lawyers from different jurisdictions, Interlegal provides for members, based locally worldwide, who can coordinate the work task. However, if a client prefers a hands-on and approach and would like to direct a project, Interlegal firms would be more than happy to assist and provide for counsel. 

Our approach is clear. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs. We strive to understand each client’s business and work with clients, not just as a service provider but also as a strategic partner.