Operating an Application for Smartphones in two jurisdictions

Interlegal Permanent Officer

Interlegal Permanent Officer


In 2018, Orbis Legal Advisory and ODEON Avocats worked together on a cross-border matter between Thailand, France and EU. 

The client was operating a perfume adviser application for smartphones with one entity in Bangkok (Thailand), in charge of the production of digital content, design and management, and one entity in Grasse (France), in charge of the commercial development. They needed legal services in more than one jurisdiction.  

Orbis Legal Advisory and Franck Fougere, partner specialized in Intellectual Property, were appointed to register the copyright and trademark of the concept and application, draft service agreements for the consolidation of overall business activities between the two Thai and French entities as well as license and partnership agreements with distributors and retailers. ODEON Avocats, from France was in charge of drafting agreements and compliance with French and the EU Law. 

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