Six Reasons to Join Interlegal

Interlegal Permanent Officer

Interlegal Permanent Officer


Interlegal is one of the longest established and most respected international legal networks. Interlegal’s philosophy is to develop meaningful relationships among similarly minded and internationally diverse commercial law firms. That’s how we provide our members with the ability to offer and support professional worldwide legal services.

If saying that is not enough to convince you to join us, here’s a little bit more. 

1. To extend your service offer

Made up of independent commercial law firms in around 50 countries, Interlegal is an attractive and accountable alternative for clients to a large international firm or firms with offices in only one jurisdiction. So Interlegal generates and enables cross-border legal work with firms who have similar global expertise. 

2. To Expand Your Network and Build Strong Professional Relationships Worldwide

Members communicate with each other regularly, often daily. They exchange law interns and lawyers. Members also meet at General Assembly meetings twice a year to share and exchange information, ideas, and resources required to advise clients properly in the complex global market.

3. To Raise the Recognition of your Firm

Benefit from more visibility on the network’s platforms, including the website, social media, attendance at conferences, press, media activity, and from the business contacts provided by our members.

4. To Learn and Share Knowledge 

You will be able to participate in webinars, networking events and general assemblies in different jurisdiction to learn and meet other passionate lawyers from around the world. You can also share your knowledge with others and establish your credibility as an expert in your practice field. 

5. To make connections in other networks of accounting and HR specialists

Network with members of EAI International network of accounting firms, with members of the FICAC (World Federation of Consuls) and with PRAXI ALLIANCE, network of Search & Selection and recruitment firms..

6. And simply because we are more than just a simple email list

We are friends and professionals who share the same passion, want to offer better services to our clients, and better understand the challenges of law worldwide. 

To join Interlegal, fill out this form and send it to the Interlegal Officer (officer@interlegal.net). 

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