Why You Should Consider Networking For Your Law Firm

Interlegal Permanent Officer

Interlegal Permanent Officer


Networking may seem like an antique skill to many. However, in the day and age of social media, video calls and online texting; personal contact, commitment and attention in order to build long-lasting relationships cannot be neglected. Not just in the field of law but in most service-related practices, business growth and development can majorly be contributed to relationships built over time. Thus, networking for law firms becomes essential. The success of any law firm greatly depends on maintaining relationships with existing clients and expanding to attract new businesses.

To comprehend the same, in a successful law practice, the two prime goals that have remained intact over decades are to maintain current clients by responding effectively to their concerns and networking for law firms in order to onboard new clients. One way to improve the networking could be by becoming a part of a legal network alliance, preferably a global alliance of the sorts which could provide global exposure to any law firm looking to expand on their network. 

Interlegal is one such network that assists independent commercial law firms globally by bringing together legal experts from all over the world in order for them to share knowledge and services while serving its core aim of providing ultimate clients with best in class legal advice for their cross border and international transactions. 

Importance of Networking for Law Firms

Networking lays down the very foundation of business development activities, especially in the legal industry. It enables one to maintain regular contact with peers in the industry to serve the ultimate goal of acquiring new businesses. Networking for law firms involves defining the right point of contact, determining the purpose of making such an alliance, developing a plan of action in order to keep in touch and committing the necessary time to produce meaningful results. A legal network alliance could greatly benefit by streamlining these steps for any law firm. 

Mentioned below are some important points to consider while networking for law firms:

1. Become a part of the community

First and foremost is to get accepted in the community that can ultimately help you to generate business. The legal profession is very collaborative and in many parts of the world there is really no way to grow in this profession but by knowing people in the profession who could assist in establishing a solid base for yourself. 

2. Make Contact

Being a part of the community might not be enough after all. When you run into the same kind of people, again and again, you get to know them on a  more personal level. This is the time to open the doors and exchange referrals. Also, note that networking cannot be a one-sided process. In order to take on work, one must also be able to provide work to the others in the community as part of the trust and good faith.

3. Be honest and constant in your efforts

Networking is not about catching a few drinks or gossiping. It’s not about showing off or bluffing. Networking involves constant push and effort to help others, in the hopes, but not necessarily, that you might benefit from the same at one point. 

4. Expand your circle

Networking introduces one to more experienced professionals in the industry. It provides one with an opportunity to access wisdom and knowledge for future growth and self-improvement. It also empowers one to share their knowledge and skills and presents opportunities for mentorship and career development. 

5. Boost of confidence

A legal alliance enables any law firm or an individual representing a law firm to connect with others in the industry, which in turn encourages one to discuss and share interests/ideas and thus foster confidence. 

How Interlegal Can Help?

Interlegal is one of the world’s oldest law firm networks established in response to the growing cross-border business and globalization of legal practice. Interlegal works in close cooperation where individuals from various law firms connect and we provide them with the necessary opportunities and resources to build strong working relationships and foster friendships. This enables clients to benefit from the expertise and experience of a specialized law firm in various fields of law. 

Our members meet several times a year in order to exchange ideas, information, and knowledge which can help the ultimate client to receive proper advice in the complex and ever-evolving legal marketplace. This also allows our members to constantly develop their expertise in the emerging markets and new practice areas in law. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does a law firm transition from individual networking to legal network alliances?

Networking for law firms can take place in many ways. While individual networking is slow and allows you to concentrate on one account at a time, a legal network alliance introduces one to several law firm professionals at any point of time thus enabling them to interact with several such professionals and expand on their networking efforts.

2. Is networking important for law firms?

Yes. Networking is not only the best way to gain information and valuable contacts but also greatly impacts on the kind of practice you build upon by learning from peers in the industry.

3. What is the role of communication in law firms?

Communications enable any firm to deliver information about their practice in a way to keep the client’s and other people in the industry attracted to your content. It not only keeps their expectations grounded, however, also improves on the trust of the client. 

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