Benefits Of Interlegal Members

Expanding Reach

We enable you not only to network and educate but also promote information sharing, and cross-selling and provide overall marketing in your jurisdiction to expand your reach not only in terms of client base but also with other member firms in the industry.

Build Relationships

At Interlegal, members refer work to colleagues they trust and trust is earned by becoming familiar with each other. Interlegal provides opportunities to all its members to build and grow their already thriving relationships for better cross-selling

Performance Tracking

Our referral tracking system operates on the concept of frequency rather than financial impact thus supporting our vision of creating a network where members care about each other and would want to thrive together rather than just prove themselves better than the peers.

Marketing Toolkits

Not only do we care about the business of our member firms but also their personal branding. Our expansive global coverage enables our members to share their expertise, events and values to inspire others in the network and beyond through our marketing techniques and tools.


Interlegal strives to be a differentiator and not a merit badge for our members. Our goal is not to have our logo embedded in your website. We measure the success metrics of our membership and periodically measure performance against these metrics.

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