Interlegal General Assembly Meeting October 2022

Interlegal Permanent Officer

Interlegal Permanent Officer


Interlegal General Assembly Meeting October 2022

In the open session of the 2022 Interlegal Conference in Athens, organized by Nikolaos Margaropoulos and Margaropoulos & Associates – Scienta Legis, members had the opportunity to listen to distinguished speakers:

– Alexis Kontis is a strategic advisor and Deloitte Clients & Industries Director. His presentation was on the European Commission RRF (Recovery and Resilience Facility), which can enable mitigation of the economic and social impact of the pandemic and make European economies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transitions.

– Dr. Venetia Koussia, Director General at the Council on Competitiveness of Greece, is a strategic advisor, mentor and speaker to Boards of Directors facilitating business transformation for sustainable growth. Her expertise lies in Human Capital, Employment, Competitiveness and Corporate Governance topics. Her enriching presentation revolved around “Competitiveness in the New Normal”, and it was enlightening to hear about the dynamic approaches to business, services and sustainability in the new world post a pandemic.

– Christos Theodossiou is a Manager with a successful background in Corporate Banking, currently engaged with the BFF Banking Group as the Branch Manager in Greece. During his talk we learnt about BFF and the catalyst role of factoring to support companies in their commercial relations with the Public Sector.

– Prof. Dr. Theodore Panagos a lawyer skilled in energy law, business law, energy regulation, arbitration, and European law as well as University professor, and former Vice-chairman of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Greece. He addressed the challenges related to energy transition and the fundamental changes that will be required to the basic and complete model of energy production and consumption. It was eye opening to hear that though the vision of sustainability is appealing as well as the need for the future, the path to realization is significantly challenging. These challenges will fall upon the legal profession to address. From project finance, creating contractual and regulatory frameworks on which the energy transition can be implemented and thrive, to innovative approaches towards risk allocation in order to secure the same.

– Alexandros Moulas is a Senior Commercial Director with Lamda Development with a deep knowledge and expertise on the residential sector, including traditional build-to-sell, branded residences, serviced apartments, as well as alternative residential. He introduced us to the beauty of the Ellinikon Project, which is earmarked as Europe’s greatest urban regeneration project and is utterly unique in terms of position, scale and potential.

We would like to thank each of the wonderful guest speakers for their valuable time and educating us about their views, fields of expertise and enhancing our world view. We look forward to connecting with them again for our future endeavors.

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