Interlegal General Meeting in New Delhi, India

Interlegal Permanent Officer

Interlegal Permanent Officer


From November 5th to 10th 2019, Interlegal members will meet to hone their skills and network with legal professionals from 47 law firms, from 40 countries.

Members will have the chance to discover many tourists and cultural sites such as:

  • The Taj Mahal tour – one the seven wonders in the world
  • A drive from India Gate to the gates of the Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • The Supreme Court of India* visit
  • The Qutub Minar** visit

The goal is to strengthen the relationships between members in addition to discovering cultural peculiarities of India.

Also, to developp their professionnal skills, members will attend a technical and marketing session at the Claridges and different specialist group presentations during the General Meeting at the Leela Palace. During the general asssembly, members will also vote for the new Executive Committee of Interlegal.

Finally, members will enjoy lunches, dinners and cocktails at excellent restaurants such as The Mughal Room and will end their journey in festitives with a gala dinner and cocktails at The Imperial***.

This General Meeting will be the perfect opportunity to continue to make Interlegal bigger, better and brighter!

* The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial court and the final court of appeal under the Constitution of India, the highest constitutional court, with the power of judicial review.

** The Qutub Minar is a minaret that forms part of the Qutubcomplex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 73-metre (239.5 feet) tall tapering tower of five storeys.

*** The Imperial is one of the top heritage hotels of Delhi to witness the opulence & elegance of a bygone era in Delhi. 

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