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Our attorneys are invested in the network both professionally and personally. Promoting interpersonal relationships between colleagues, members meet twice a year to discuss common issues. These meetings provide for the opportunity to foster closer professional partnerships and build a stronger core for international cases.

Carly Hayle

Carly Hayle

Knights plc

Location: UK

Working as a lawyer specialized in UK immigration law, Carly advises both international corporate and high net worth/executive private clients. Her expertise for businesses include helping global organisations meet their complex immigration needs from obtaining a sponsor licence to immigration compliance, assisting with start-ups, innovators and investors to ensuring sponsors continue to meet their onerous compliance obligations.

Carly utilises her many years of experience to navigate around the complexities and the red tape of UK immigration. As Brexit is changing the regulatory environment, Carly is very much in demand with the clients of Knights Plc, and she would be more than happy to assist Interlegal members and their clients on such matters.

When not advising on immigration law matters, Carly can be found practising yoga and is a certified 200 hour adult and toddler yoga teacher. What a great way to keep the balance between her busy lifestyle and her wellness.

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Kavita Patwardhan

Kavita Patwardhan

Ahlawat & Associates

Location: Mumbai, India

Kavita brings with her over 15 years of diverse and rich experience as a legal professional in Banking & Finance, Real Estate and Media & Entertainment Sectors. She holds substantial experience in online content and has handled talent agreements, artist agreement, influencer agreements, production agreement and post production agreements acquisition of pre-existing copyright works.

According to Kavita, being an attorney is all about passion and she thinks the best quality as a professional is efficiency. She is also passionate about travelling (trekking), reading, listening to music and spending quality time with her daughter in her free time.

For her, being part of Interlegal is a chance to network, share experiences, and possibly get assistance in other jurisdictions. Should you have inquiries regarding the areas she practices in, do not hesitate to contact Kavita.

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Anne Debieuvre

Anne Debieuvre

ODEON Avocats

Location: France

Working as an attorney specialized in Labor Law for the past 10 years, Anne appreciates her job because she can help others. In fact, mutual aid is the reason why she is part of Interlegal. For her, being an attorney is an exacting profession and the best quality you can have is honesty. She would’ve been a language teacher if she had to pick another job, which makes sense with her desire to help others. When she’s not on duty, Anne is enjoying life and she treats herself with Cadbury’s chocolate fingers!

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Nuttakorn Sorakun

Nuttakorn Sorakun

Orbis Legal Advisory Ltd.

Location: Thailand

Nuttakorn has been an attorney specialized in Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation for 15 years. His guilty pleasure is to find a gap in the law that can be used as an advantage for a case. He also thinks everyone should have a chance to prove themselves. While he doesn’t have to prove himself as an attorney, we surely hope he’ll have the chance to show us his talent for music one day.
There’s no doubt he would be the life of the party, as he was once a master of ceremony and he would have chosen to be a Hollywood star if he had to pick another career.

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Amanraj Singh

Amanraj Singh

Ahlawat & Associates

Location: India

Amanraj Singh is specialized in real estate, telecommunication, drugs and cosmetics, labor and employment. His passion for the law comes from its constant intellectual challenge to find the most economical yet beneficial solution for the clients, in the ever changing social and economic circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory role especially in the legal field. He believes that the most important qualities to have as an attorney are communication skills, perseverance and time management.

According to him, International networking enables formation of trust between the members further strengthening the business connections. Simultaneously, international network such as Interlegal allows the members to gain and expand their perspective with respect to the professional realm and concerned area of practice. When he’s not on duty, Amanraj enjoys shopping for expensive items.

Photo credit: Ahlawat & Associates

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Dominique Lavin

Dominique Lavin

YULEX, attorneys and strategists

Location: Montréal, Canada

Specialized in commercial litigation, Dominique has been practicing law for 25 years. At this point in his career, he is mostly passionate about sharing knowledge with younger members of his team. And for him, the best quality you should have as an attorney is thoroughness.

According to him, Interlegal is a great way to provide his clients with counsel and representation outside of Canada quickly and efficiently, with the highest level of confidence in our colleagues abroad.

When not on duty, Dominique likes to enjoy a nice cold beer after mountain biking. Any mountains to recommend to Dominique in your country?

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