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Our attorneys are invested in the network both professionally and personally. Promoting interpersonal relationships between colleagues, members meet twice a year to discuss common issues. These meetings provide for the opportunity to foster closer professional partnerships and build a stronger core for international cases.

Charlotte AttardCSB Legal

Location: Malta

Charlotte is a young attorney who's been practicing for 2 years. Yet, she works in many areas ranging from trusts and foundations to immigration and data protection. For her, being a lawyer is a profession that requires a lot of thinking and creativity when handling every case.

Dynamic would be the word she would choose to describe her job. According to her, the main advantage of being part of Interlegal is being able to connect with different people from different jurisdictions. She also likes the fact that our network allows every member to share their ideas and knowledge. Since she considers herself a globe trotter, it's a good thing our network counts 45 countries around the world which Charlotte can visit!

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Christina Borg DeBonoCSB Legal

Location: Malta

Christina is an attorney specialized in immigration, trademark registration and employment law. She also solves her clients' corporate matters. Christina has been practicing as a lawyer for four years now and she simply loves the challenges of this profession.

Being able to provide clients with tailor-made solutions benefitting their businesses is what passions her most about her avocation. For her, providing clients with cross-border legal advice and business solutions is the main benefit of being a member of the Interlegal network. It is therefore beyond doubt that being able to adapt to each and every situation is the most important quality to have at work according to Christina.

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Tone BjornConsilium advokatfirma

Location: Norway

Tone is a bankruptcy, inheritance as well as contracts law expert who simply loves the daily challenges of being a lawyer. There's no wonder why she describes her profession as exciting!

For her, the main advantage of being part of an international network is the possibility to get assistance in other jurisdictions. During winter, Tone loves skiing on her free time. It's such a luck to be able to admire the beautiful view atop of the mountains in Norway. We are a bit jealous to be honest!

We wish you a happy 30th anniversary of practice Tone!

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Ádám BoócKelemen Meszaros Sandor and Partners

Location: Hungary

Ádám has been practicing for 17 years in the fields of arbitration and litigation, corporate, commercial as well as civil law. To provide creative and cutting-edge solutions that benefits his clients is what passions him about being an attorney.

According to Ádám, challenging is the word that best represents his profession. Being part of Interlegal allows him to be a member of an international community in which he has the opportunity to develop great friendships. Thanks to Interlegal's General meeting, Ádám has the opportunity to visit several countries even on duty. It's a good thing he loves to travel!

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Nicolas BilleReymond Ulmann and Fischele

Location: Switzerland

Nicolas has been practicing as an attorney specialized in corporate, banking and financing law for the last 26 years. However, two years ago, he decided to leave his bank in-house councel job and joined the private law firm, Reymond Ulmann and Fischele.

Being a counselor that can support entrepreneurs in the path towards success is what excites him most about his work. When he's not on duty, Nicola enjoys networking. He even told us his guilty pleasure which is gastronomy with fine wines and liquors!

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Emmanuel ReveillaudKaufhold & Reveillaud Avocats

Location: France

Mergers and acquisitions, undertaking for collective investments, banking and financial law as well as contract law are all the areas of expertise of Emmanuel. He has been practicing as an attorney for 21 years in order to find solutions to clients' problems. He characterizes his job as diversified. When Emmanuel is not on duty, he likes to teach his son about history and how to build things. We would love to see one of his architectural masterpieces!

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