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Our attorneys are invested in the network both professionally and personally. Promoting interpersonal relationships between colleagues, members meet twice a year to discuss common issues. These meetings provide for the opportunity to foster closer professional partnerships and build a stronger core for international cases.

Wassim Kudmani

Wassim Kudmani

BridgePoint Law

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wassim has been practising for 15 years now. He specialises in commercial law.

According to Wassim, his profession is synonymous with justice and the most important quality is ethics. What empassions him as an attorney is to provide state of the art solutions to his clients.

In his free time, he likes to play sports. So Wassim is surely someone you want to have in your team in the office as well as on the field.

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Maria Tsiligiri

Maria Tsiligiri

Margaropoulos & Associates Law Firm

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Maria has been practising as an attorney for 20 years and she is now specialised in Civil and Commercial law. For her, “indispensable” is the best word to describe the profession and in her job she is passionate about the notion of logic and how it can be exercised through the use of “logos”: making sense out of chaos.

When she’s not on duty, she enjoys reading a good book while her team misses her, because we’re sure she’s as indispensable as she describes her profession

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Carly Hayle

Carly Hayle

Knights plc

Location: UK

Working as a lawyer specialized in UK immigration law, Carly advises both international corporate and high net worth/executive private clients. Her expertise for businesses include helping global organisations meet their complex immigration needs from obtaining a sponsor licence to immigration compliance, assisting with start-ups, innovators and investors to ensuring sponsors continue to meet their onerous compliance obligations.

Carly utilises her many years of experience to navigate around the complexities and the red tape of UK immigration. As Brexit is changing the regulatory environment, Carly is very much in demand with the clients of Knights Plc, and she would be more than happy to assist Interlegal members and their clients on such matters.

When not advising on immigration law matters, Carly can be found practising yoga and is a certified 200 hour adult and toddler yoga teacher. What a great way to keep the balance between her busy lifestyle and her wellness.

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Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo

Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo

Twelve Legal

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

For the past 10 years, Mofesomo has been specializing in Litigation, Commercial Arbitration, Energy Law, and Corporate Law. He is passionate about problem-solving and thinks « noble » is the best word to describe his profession. According to him, confidence and professionalism are the two best qualities a lawyer can have.

Why did he join Interlegal? To increase his professional cross-border opportunities (but secretly, it was to find out which country has the best ice cream).

When he is not on duty, he likes to watch football. We don’t know what team he is rooting for, but one thing is sure: we’re proud to have him in the Interlegal team.

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