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Our attorneys are invested in the network both professionally and personally. Promoting interpersonal relationships between colleagues, members meet twice a year to discuss common issues. These meetings provide for the opportunity to foster closer professional partnerships and build a stronger core for international cases.

Amanraj SinghAhlawat & Associates

Location: India

Amanraj Singh is specialized in real estate, telecommunication, drugs and cosmetics, labor and employment. His passion for the law comes from its constant intellectual challenge to find the most economical yet beneficial solution for the clients, in the ever changing social and economic circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory role especially in the legal field. He believes that the most important qualities to have as an attorney are communication skills, perseverance and time management.

According to him, International networking enables formation of trust between the members further strengthening the business connections. Simultaneously, international network such as Interlegal allows the members to gain and expand their perspective with respect to the professional realm and concerned area of practice. When he’s not on duty, Amanraj enjoys shopping for expensive items.

Photo credit: Ahlawat & Associates

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Michael BrandBrand Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Location: Austria

Michael Brand is specialized in competition law, corporate law, real estate, arbitration, and litigation. His passion for the law comes from its ever-changing nature: because of the variety of cases, it never gets boring. He believes that the most important qualities to have as an attorney are reliability, pace, and competence.

According to him, Interlegal allows members to stay competitive with international law firms. When he’s not on duty, Michael enjoys golfing.

Photo credits: Foto Wilke

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Guido SchwartzSpieker & Jaeger

Location: Germany

Guido is specialized in construction and real estate law. His passion for handling complex cases and intricate problem-solving is undeniable. He believes that the most important qualities to have as an attorney are reliability, pace and competence.

According to him, Interlegal supports its members by providing them help in international cases in a short time and without any complication. When he’s not on duty, Guido enjoys spending time with his family and sailing. His guilty pleasure is golfing, as it’s a wonderful means for relaxing and playing with friends and family.

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Nader El MouallemAlwasl International Group

Location: Lebanon

Nader is the founder of Alwasl International Group in Lebanon and counts 20 years of experience in legal consultancy and advocacy. He is specialized in international business, corporate, commercial, banking and real estate laws. Nader's passion for his law practice comes from the trust his client’s place in him. It makes a lot of sense that he chose the word trustworthy to describe his profession.

According to him, Interlegal supports its members by providing the opportunity for the exchange and sharing of instructions, expertise, ideas, resources as well as exchange of interns and lawyers in an environment of mutual respect and friendly cooperation. When he's not on duty, Nader enjoys spending time with his family. He even told us that smoking fine cigars is his guilty pleasure!

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Donna BugelliCSB Legal

Location: Malta

Donna started practicing as an attorney after graduating from the University of Malta in 2013. Since then, she has been working in areas ranging from technology to telecoms law and eventually developed expertise in gaming law. For her, being a lawyer is intellectually challenging and personally fulfilling.

Also, according to Donna, it's highly rewarding to work within a dynamic environment with like-minded professionals. Fast-paced is the word that describes best her law practice within the gaming industry. For Donna, working within a firm which is part of Interlegal's global network proves to be very advantageous not only for lawyers but also for clients who are able to access a wide range of professionals across the globe, all specialized in different areas of law.

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Maude FréchetteYulex, Attorneys and Strategists

Location: Canada

Maude has been practicing for 16 years in the fields of business and technology law as well as intellectual property. Being able to help entrepreneurs and corporations to achieve their goals is what passionate's her about her profession. According to Maude, being a lawyer allows her to acquire knowledge every day and therefore requires a great ability in adapting and learning fast. No wonder why she finds her job fascinating!

Maude is not only curious to learn new things related to the attorney profession, she also enjoys trying new technological gadgets when she's not on duty! For her, the main advantage of our network is to allow customers to seize international opportunities by opening more doors through collaboration among members.

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